Friday, November 19, 2010


"It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder

How I keep from going under"

This verse comes from the song "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash. I think that this verse relates back to the book A Long Way Gone because it is like a jungle where he is and it makes me wonder how i keep from going under would be true because so many people died back then.

"I can't take the smell, I can't take the noise no more

Got no money to move out, I guess I got no choice"

This is another verse that comes from the song "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash. This relates to the book very good because the smell in the air was probably nasty cause of all the dead corpses and what not. The noise would be lots of gun fire and people screaming so not being able to take the gunfire anymore. It's hard enough for them to even get food so they definitely don't have any money and they have no choice on what to do and what comes next for them.

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